Just replaced all my pre-amp tubes from JJs to EHX. (this is the first time ive changed tubes)
So far i've noticed it sounds a bit darker and theres more clarity. Pinched harmonics are also ringing through nicer. The only thing that bugs me is I don't know what the technical term for it but when sustaining quite bassy power chords my amp had a really nice sine wave modulation going, and now it seems quite square and doesnt sustain long before ringing out as feedback. Is this something that im going to have to put up with or will it come back after using it for a bit longer?
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It's hard to divorce the experience of your ear adjusting with tube break-in, but suffice it to say that most people find that for one reason or another tubes often sound different after a week or two of frequent use.
You went from JJs to EHX or EHX to JJ's?

You must have some good EHX because I thought they were rubbish every time I tried them. Darker with more clarity and better harmonics should be the characteristics of the JJ.

What Roc and Justfoldedflags said is pretty much spot on though. I guess give it a week of heavy playing and see what gives.

Also, did you replace the preamp tubes for a reason?

Additionally, just so you know, you can mix and match those tubes around - you don't have to go with one brand. I'm really more curious as to why you changed them to begin with and why you went with EHX. For example, put a JJ back in the V1 (first slot) or even the last slot and see what happens.

I find my tone to be seemingly less muddy after a few weeks, but I don't know if that's my ears warming to it, my playing sharpening up or the tubes. Either way, I like the results of playing with new tubes 9 times outta 10.
I replaced them because I was very occasionally getting a crackling noise on both channels so I assumed something was up with the PI. They're 2 years old anyway so I thought why not and looking on the internet and forums EHX seemed to make a better product than JJ. Ordered a balanced one for the PI and factory tested for the other 12AX7s. Im not looking for the same tone, I think ive found a better one with the EHX so far except for the way the amp reacts when sustaining notes. I may try swapping random ones back once ive grown accustom to the new tone but it seems like a lot of hassle to put old tubes back in.
>Gibson & Schecter Guitars
>Orange Amps
>And some neighbours to piss off
Quote by gay4slipknot
looking on the internet and forums EHX seemed to make a better product than JJ.

Genuinely interested in where you read that. That is very much the opposite of popular opinion anywhere I've been. People often suggest EHX, because it's one of the older brands among current production tubes, and they're used to them. Most people who try EHX and JJs switch to JJs, though.