Hi all, I may be buying a Jackson RRTMG in a few months but it comes with the generic EMG set, which I'm not so fond of.
I would like to replace the pickups with either Seymour Duncan Black Winter & Jazz or Emg 57 & 66.
Does anyone have a comparison of the two or any opinions to help me make my mind up?
Please share any info you have!
Cheers in advance.
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Yes, the EMG's are more classic sounding based more on a PAF style pickup than a metal pickup. That's not to say that they can't do metal. They have a high output from their active nature and have a nice blend of highs and classic sounding lows.

The Black Winter is on the completely opposite end in terms of sound. It is a modern metal monster pickup. It's more like an overdriven Duncan Distortion. It's got a tight low end, and singing high end.

If you are not fond of the generic EMG (if I remember correctly an 81 and a 89) you probably won't dig the Black Winter. Then again the BW is a passive pickup and there's a lot more to be gotten out of a passive then an active. There are goods and bads to either pickup you choose.

Hope this helps somewhat. I like both of those combos and I would go with the BW if it was my guitar, but I'm an SD fanboy to the extreme.
I put the black winter in my
Gibson lp studio bridge only
and its killer and very versatile
if you use your vol/tone on your