Hey guys, I've been looking at getting a small practice, cheaper the better but I'm not necessarily looking for the cheapest options.

I pretty much play punk, rock, blues and some metal so I'm looking for something that could fit well with any of those genres.

One thing I do need though is a good clean channel, a good overdrive channel would be great as well but not as important as I generally use pedals but from time to time (when I can't be bothered setting my pedals up) I would use the amps overdrive.

There are probably some killer amps out there that will be perfect but they will be used. Where do you live. Otherwise, I think a Roland Cube amp will be good.

My biased opinion is that a used Peavey Vypyr 60 for $250 is best and they take pedals very well. Not the best cleans in the world but I love mine.

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Awesome, thanks man. I have no problem getting a used amp. I live in North East England, UK. Any suggestions for used amps that would be worth keeping an eye out for that may fall in my price range?
^ +1

initial thoughts are a modelling amp would be worth a try, but they don't tend to like dirt pedals just as much.
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hi folks
i'm looking for a practice amp also suitable for most styles

did you get anything misfits?

i was looking at the roland cube lite
Please make your own thread, otherwise things get confusing with two people asking slightly different questions. If you answer the questions 311 asked in a new thread you'll get plenty of help.
Low end but good.... Roland uCube, Mustang & Vypyr 15watt
In between - Vox Valvetronix
Upper end used in price range - Fender SCXD (takes pedals well)