I'm so sick of cliches
but it's all I've got on hand
Maybe I should think of something
original for once

Or maybe I shouldn't speak at all
when my lungs are so full of shit
My head's not doing any better
if anything it's worse

Because I don't do anything
but sit and think about
how I'm so much better off
than I was last week

I let things fall in place
or watch them fall apart
and bitch about the aftermath
it happens every time

Lately my goal each day
has been to make it back to the start
I know, I know
I'm asking way too much of me

So I'll curl up in a warm place
deep inside my skull
The world's just too demanding
I think we need some space

Because I don't need anything
but the sound of my own thoughts
and maybe a friendly voice
to tell me that this is all normal

I let things fall in place
or crush them up by hand
and put them back where they belong
right in my bloodstream
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i kinda feel like that last stanza would be fantastic in its own right , lots of the other stuff seems to be more filler than anything else. i think it would be cool if you used that line about cliches to tie it all together by using some reworkings of common phrases or whatever. just a thought.