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I discovered ASG a few days ago and I've been listening to them sparingly, I don't have much time to listen to music. Meant for clean vocals, but cba tabbing them out and tabbing out vocal melodies is slilly because MIDI sounds like shit anyway. Drums are pretty barebones atm, but I wanted them to be more basic than my usual drumtracks so yeah. I might expand on it but I don't know if it's worth it so I decided to post it here. C4C is applied here and hope you enjoy it.
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Actually i really liked it ! Some kind of punchy metal, very efficient, well done !
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Man, that was awesome. Reminded me of some energetic stoner, like Red Fang. I thought you're only good at insulting and writing veeery crazy stuff, lol
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I liked that, man. I think you'd do well to expand it, as the music is good, playable, and with some vox over it would be great; however, I did feel that it needed a couple more riffs and solos.
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I wasn't enjoying it at first, found the main riff a bit boring but once you changed to bar 35 it suddenly changed for me, the riffs changed obviously but even when you brought the original riff back. Really liked what you had going bar 37 - 52
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Everyone else has a general consensus on the opening riff being bland, and I do kind of agree, but I feel like the potential for raw guitar emotion is great between 37 and 52. The riff a 61 reminds me of like, Velvet Revolver or something, don't usually like this kind of genre, but it is pretty groovy.

Yes, poop.
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This is a pretty cool piece ya got here. I think the main riff is groovy enough that it wouldnt actually be boring if performed. Enjoyed!