Hi everyone. I'm new to these forums. I've been playing guitar for about 25 years. Technically I can do whatever needs to be done, I just never really learned the blues. I've been a punk rock musician, metal musician, indie rock musician, folk musician, but I never learned the blues. But now I'm ready to do so. I'm looking for maybe a good DVD set. I don't want to get bogged down in any beginning guitar nonsense. Any suggestions?

As a primer to get my ears/soul in the right place I started going through the very helpful "what to listen to" thread on this forum. Listening to Albert King as I type ths.

albert is a good place to start...but go back to the roots .. and you will hear the basic sounds and feel in todays players...the blues is an evolution..and reflects the people and events of the day..i know its alot to ask of three chords..but they seem to be up to it..

the country blues (acoustic) evolves into city blues (electric) and each region of the country has an unique flavor to its style..chicago and texas are very distinct...then the players..as they grew...their style grew and they added more "mojo" to their playing..

then there are some players that take the blues to another level .. many jazz players for example .. take the form and make it so unique that you may not even recognize the blues structure underneath their music..parker and coletrane come to mind..and many others..

i would suggest you read some history of the blues..get to know some pivotal names and from there hear some of each players work and see how different each person plays "the blues"..

if your really interested this will open a wonderful world to an art form that is so raw and basic and yet can be so modern and sophisticated..from no shoes to a tuxedo..

play well

The greatest gift you could ever give yourself is to start trying to transcribe B.B. King guitar solos from his prime. There is no better education in blues to enable you to springboard into your own thing.