Hello Pit,

I am currently looking for loudspeakers and as I have no idea how not to get ripped off I thought I'd come here and ask for advice.

Firstly, these will be for use in a fairly large common room of a college which will be hosting parties for up to about a 100 people (though 95% it will be much less, more like 40-60).

Secondly, we already have an amplifier ([forbidden link]) which is 65 watts per channel (8 Ohms) or 100 watts per channel (4 Ohms). I understand that this means I can get two loudspeakers of 65/100 W each and not two of total power that is 65/100W?

Thirdly, my budget is £200, hopefully that should be a realistic sum.

Any suggestions what I should specifically look for? Good brands? How to make sure they match up with the amplifier well?

Cheers guys.