Hello there! I got an pod hd 500. For live and practice use i got it running line out into my transistor guitar amp. Therefore i have no cabs in my poweramp user. For studio i use cab modeling (other patches on other user) on the pod hd500 and i switch the settings to studio/ direct. This is a major pain in the ass to switch between. First of all i need to switch the user to the one i made with cabs, then i have to set the output to studio/ direct, then i have to set the 1/4" button from amp to line. The worst thing of all is that i need to have two users for each mode. One with and one without cabs. This is a pain to keep synced with each other.

My question is: is this as hard on the axe fx2?? I have seen that in the setting you can just turn off cabs. Is it really that easy to go from poweramp to direct? Will the sound be similar too (if you tweak the poweramp)?

Also btw, wgen recording usb with the pod hd500 and the axefx2, how do i change the sample rate down to 44.1khz?
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