I'm very new to this so apologies for any naivety!

I usually play drums but have recently taken up guitar as I really want something to do in the evenings at home. Apparently practicing drums in the evenings isn’t something the neighbours like...I am loving it but my sound is a pretty uninspiring...

I have an Adam Black Orion (a lot of guitar for the money!) and a Peavey Special 112 (basically an old Bandit with Super Saturation but 160watts rather than the usual 60-70watts).

The Super saturation isn’t really doing it for me; it’s kinda fuzzy with little definition. I'm looking for a bright crisp crunch. I know everyone probably says this but the ACDC sound would be ideal and is good for lots of rock music as well as modern rock/punk stuff such as the Hold Steady.

I understand that bands like ACDC and Hold Steady use expensive tube amps and that they play at high volume but I'm sure there must be a pedal out there that’s £50ish that I can put into my clean Solid State channel and achieve something that approximates the sound I'm after that I can use at home and maybe later at band practice and at a bar gig or two.

I've seen some clips on youtube of pedals I like but I can’t tell if they’re already running through a tube amp and therefore benefiting from having a very decent amp in the sound chain. The ones I like are; Marshall Bluesbreaker and Guvnor, Blackstar LT Drive, Joyo JF16 British Sound. I've also seen the Zoom G1 and Pod 2 which seem very flexible and might give me the most options to help me get a good sound but they seem to get a love/hate reaction!

I guess if this sound is completely unachievable then the question is; is there an OD/distortion sound that works well on Solid States so even if I can't get the tone I want I can get a good quality sound.

I've tried to be as specific as I can but let me know if you need more details to work your magic and recommend something!

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My guess would be something like the MXR '78 Distortion.

Keep in mind you aren't going to get "that tone". The best advice I can give here is to save up and get a better amp - you don't need to go out and spend $2,000 on a Marshall stack or anything, but get something decent that's going to sound good and last.

I would suggest something like the Orange Tiny Terror or Dark Terror or a Peavey Classic 30. Those are great amps in the $600-$800 range (about what you would pay for an entry-level tube amp) they are also small enough for bedroom playing without blowing the windows out, but are still loud enough that you can gig with it down the line.
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Thanks Stonyman65, great advice. I did think that that getting the right amp was the real solution but Ill probably pick up an MXR to keep me going while I figure out if I can make it beyond the bedroom! Tiny Terror looks good so I'll keep that in mind for later down the line.
Thanks again!
I'm not sure what the difference in price between that MXR and an MI Audio Crunchbox would be, but the Crunchbox is just a fantastic, Marshall sounding distortion pedal. I'd recommend checking those out.

If you wanted to get a little more expensive, the ZVEX Box of Rock is an awesome Distortion as well.
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If you wanna go really cheap, the BBE AM-64 is definitely in the AC/DC range and it's about 20 bucks.
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