has anybody out there the tabs of Donovan's Isle of Islay and could be so kind to mail
them to me? I only found the chords, but no tabs. With the chords I nearly made it, but
only nearly and I would love to be able to play that beautiful song correctly....
All the best!
I don't but I can tab it by ear if you want. May take a little bit. My internet is going slow today.
Capo 2nd fret.. I think. Just a guess.


Then it repeats again.

Though a little different. Mess around to hear what I'm talking about.

Oh an there is a chord change second time around.

It ends with a picking from ( trying to word it as if there is no capo on, so I don't
confuse you or anything )

C D then Em...But it's actually D E F#m. Since the capo.
But you get me.

Hope this helps.