Hi, on my band rehersal room there is a big marshall 100w amp (not mine). When there is no cable in it or the volume on a guitar is down, it makes an annoying hiss that is loud. When u turn up the volume on the guitar it dissapears. Happens with every guitar and cable. Is there a way to fix it? It is so annoying and loud.
That happens to me too, both with a blackheart BH5 and with a Randall RG25RXM, when the a distortion of some kind is engaged.
It happens even without distortion, but it's hard to hear in that case.

My guess is that the guitar still sends some sort of signal when the volume is turned down, but I don't really have any actual idea other than this.
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Yeah, misread your last post, with no cable it should be quiet unless the gain is way up
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