Ok, so my Peavy Vypyr Tube 60 has recently faced some problems. Today when I turned it on, it wouldn't make any sound. When I plugged headphones in it worked, but it was lacking the crunch that I usually get from that setting. Any reasons why this is happening? All of the lights are working just fine and the tubes are warm and glowing and appear to be on.
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have you done a factory reset/firm-ware update?

Have you changed the PI tube or the power tubes if the amp is older or used?
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Have you tried using the USB port? If it sounds fine through that then it's probably a problem with the headphones port. A lot of Vypyrs have flimsy headphones ports.
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^ It won't make any sound normally. The headphones work, but the tone is not the same. I doubt the headphone jack is the problem. If I had to guess, I'd say it is either a firmware problem or a power section problem.

Do what Robb said and then report back. In the mean time, inspect your power tubes while playing and look for a an even medium glow to the power tubes. The phase inverter 12AX7 may be shot too, so you may need to replace it. These are all things I would be doing if I were you - I have a Vypyr 60.
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