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I recently bought a Blue Snowball microphone, and I can honestly recommend it to all of you. I would like to combine recording with this, by including video... So I was wondering; what software do you recommend for recording video and audio at the sametime, over a backing track? Basically I'd need 3 trakcs--Audio, Video and the Backing Track. I would like to be able to listen to the Backing Track whilst recording.

I've tried the cheapest version of Sony Vegas, I've tried Magix video software and I've tried Pinnacle. Neither of those seem to have what I'm looking for.
Generally you'd record the audio and video with separate programs, and sync them. I'd recommend REAPER for playing the backing track and recording the sound, Vegas should have a video recording option, otherwise I'm pretty sure movie maker has one, or I'd expect at least one of those others to have one. Then all you have to do is render the audio out in REAPER, drag it into your editing software, and sync it up.

Tip: Give yourself a few bars of empty space in the recording software (turning on the metronome can help keep track of when the song will start) and during that time, clap infront of the microphone. The clap should give a sharp peak in the audio that you can use to help sync it (line up the peak with the frame where your hands touch).
Up for the separate programs idea.

Just have a look at all the DAWs out there for the audio - the favorite here is Reaper, which is also the cheapest among all.
If you have a mac, at least try Logic, and if you don't, try Live and Studio One.

About the video, if it's just to sync stuff and not something complicated and heavy, windows movie maker/iMovie should be fine.
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lightworks for video editinghttp://www.lwks.com/

as for syncing ??? there's no need to record the backing track or any audio for that matter ?

just make your audio start with a Click for a bar or 2
then Clap or do some action in the video at the start and your done

you can easily find the sync in your video editor because that action or clap at the start shows you where the timing is to sync the Audio track.

it's very easy to sync Audio to a Video in most video editors if you all dealing with the same audio track. once you have your master track in sync you edit it ,. easy as.

Lightworks does make is easier Check the youtube video's BEFORE you try and use it 30 mins will save you alot of "What teh F*#K" issues if you think you can learn it by yourself.
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