Hello guys!

Just finished my new song "Sweet Danny (Was So Sincere)"

It's about an ex- of mine, we've split up like 2 years ago or smth but i still have kept the warm feelings in me and this song!
Unlike many other love songs about the guy calling out the chick, being pissed or very sad this is a happy song filled with alot of love!

It's pretty different from what i've done before (i'm strictly metalcore/deathcore guitarist and singer) but had so much fun rocking out to this '80 tune!
Hope you enjoy it!


C4C ofc (include links to your thread/song so i can enjoy them)!
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    I like semen, so what?
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    It ended early for some reason?

    Though it sounded good!

    The vocals made me think of CoB. Mainly cause If CoB were to actually
    sing instead of scream they'd prob sound like that.

    Also great guitar tone.
    I like that sound.

    What'd you record with?