So I've been playing Roto 13's for a while and they just don't do it for me anymore.
I needed a thinner high E and a thicker low E so I had a try of the Ernie Ball Not Even Slinky's and I love the sound of them, but I still need a thicker low E and I don't like the G not being wound, completely ruins the sound of my tapping riffs on that string.
It's absolutely perfect (apart from the unwound G) in Drop B, but I play in A# (Bb) in my band and it's still not cutting it.

Ideally I need something like .012 .014 .024(W) .034 .046 .058 but I'm pretty sure that isn't something that exists in prepackaged sets. So short of buying loads of individual strings off the internet, what is there I can do?
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Those are really inexpensive! 5 sets for $15, 10 sets for $29...that's better than a lot of prepackaged sets...

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Power slinky 7 string set and get rid of the .011? Or regular slinky 7 set and get rid of .010
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Power slinky could work, though I'd have to try the .011 instead of the 14. Worth looking into! Nowhere local stocks 7 string sets so I didn't even think of it, and the Ernie Ball UK site is horrible to nav round. Thanks!
I currently am using a set of Cleartone's on my guitar I use for drop B/A# and I like them. they are 12-16-20p-38-52-60. I replaced my not even slinky's with these (that 24p was just horible) and like these much better, the high side is light enough for me for minimal lead work (I'm pretty much a rhythm player only though) and had a nice heavy low end which gives me plenty of tension on the strings, also I find the 20p is not bad pretty much the largest plain I can use. I'm pretty sure D'Addario makes something with similar gauges as well. I haven't found anything pre-packaged that has a wound "G" for electric without using a 7 string set minus the high E.