Hello, about a year ago I decided I'd really like to take up playing the electric guitar & since it was close to my birthday my family chipped in and bought me one. Not knowing much about guitars or if I'd be any good and stick with it they got me a cheaper starter set - an Encore E69. Having played for a while now I am starting to get decent at playing and so feel it is time for some better gear. Does anyone know would it be feasible to modify this guitar to make it better with out it looking ridiculous and disjointed or should I scrap the idea and just buy a better guitar.

My reason for modifying is not because I don't want to spend the money on a new guitar, but because I love making things and really like the idea of owning a guitar that I have customized for myself. I would really appreciate any help/advice with this, thanks.
I'd mod it, just based on the review though it's gonna need alot of work. It's gonna need new pickups and electronics, a new bridge, tuners, and possibly a fret polishing to make it right, which all in all, isen't worth it, but modding crap guitars is never worth it in terms of money, it's mainly sentimental value.
Yeah that is what I thought, I'll probably look to get a new guitar now and may come back to mod this one at a later stage, just because I really like the idea. Thanks for your response