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It pisses me off on youtube when there's a video, for example about a child killer, like a documentary or something, and people dislike the video as a way of saying "I don't like this child killer". The freaking like and dislike is for the quality and value of the video, not as a way of expressing your views. By disliking the video you are having a negative impact on the publisher.

I say this because this happens a lot with UG articles too, and it's something that's been slowly boiling inside me.

This is just common sense right? ...Right?
i agree with you, but it also doesn't feel right to like a video about a baby rapist, even if it was very well put together
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first world problems...
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Yeah I agree. I never thought it was to reflect a personal stance on the subject at hand.
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Well pretty much every UG article is terribly written, so what are people supposed to vote on?

yeah ts why are you wasting your time
I haven't read anything on the front page in three years... but back then I only read the fiction stuff and obviously rated it according to quality, because the topics were always the same anyway.
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I recognize this.
I also don't care at all.

Oh god what has society done to itself.
Maybe it's because they write stuff like "Dave Grohl says new Nirvana will definetely happen" as a headline which tends to mislead people as he was just saying another band will have a similar impact Nirvana did.
Like most democratic systems, the like button falls prey to the basic stupidity afflicting the majority of society. It's like a microcosm of people who think elections are popularity contests, practical proof that we're pretty much screwed no matter what we do...
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For sure I could never hit the like on a vid like that, I never thumb it down either though. If it really annoys me I make a comment.
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For sure I could never hit the like on a vid like that, I never thumb it down either though. If it really annoys me I make a comment.

Yes that's precisely what you're supposed to do, and what the comments are for.

Stupid humans.