Hey everyone,

I have recorded several pickup demos recently. All were done on the same preset on my Eleven Rack.

Check them out if you're interested. I have demos of the following:

PRS #7: http://youtu.be/7riuofU7VP8
Seymour Duncan Distortion: http://youtu.be/ind1z_d3kTI
Seymour Duncan Custom: http://youtu.be/h8Xpgy4M4FI
DiMarzio Dominion: http://youtu.be/d3RDhgGiiS0 , http://youtu.be/5mAq0Q3db-U
EMG-81: http://youtu.be/QmvK7kx_7vg
Fender Fat 50's: http://youtu.be/_0WqJhFKvDg
Seymour Duncan SSL-5: http://youtu.be/wUo9o2nEi68

More to come soon, and please let me know if you'd like to hear a specific playing style/tone and I'll do my best to accommodate.
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