Sup dudes, I'd like to delve into more electronic/experimental music in my writing (like the stuff most of the dudes from Periphery do in their music) I was wondering if anybody could point me in the direction of some good VST programs for that kind of thing?

Start with a synth that can do basic subtractive synthesis. Your DAW should come with at least one. I'm writing a column on synth programming that will probably help tremendously, and most synths have a lot of common features. From there, you can work up to more specialized types of synthesis like additive and FM.
Yeah I believe Reaper comes with some synth VST. Thanks man, I look forward to reading your column on synth programming. I'll be looking out for it.
Trancedrive is a pretty cool VSTi, and comes with decent stock presets to get you started in the right direction.
Depending how much you want to spend Arturia VCollection is what I use almost exclusively. The thing about experimental is a lot of filters make the sounds so you can use anything. For free check out TAL U-NO-62 and TAL BASSLiNE 808 (I think it's called). Deadulus is also awesome for free.