Hey guys, simple question:
should I apply effects during or after recording? Or does it depend on the type of effect, like e.g. distortion during and reverb after recording, or other way round...? The one obvious advantage I see in applying the effect afterwards is that the effect isn't "fixed" and I can change it whenever I want. But are there for example quality reasons which suggest using the effect during the recording?
By the way: I'm using an interface with built-in effect machine for recording and Cubase LE 5 for mixing etc.
Thank you!
The only effects I would ever consider having recorded rather than applying them in post is amp sims. The reasoning being that if you record the output from an amp sim then you will be forced to treat is like a real amp rather than going back and tweaking the amp settings all the time.
I agree with chatterbox mostly. The only other time I've recorded with an effect on was when using delay and volume swells to make a violin type melody & could never have made it work without hearing it as I was playing it.
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How about both?

Track while having effects on the monitoring chain, but not actually adding them to the recorded signal.

Then you can fiddle all day long with them (add/remove/etc) in mixing until they are exactly what you want.

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