Right, im fairly new to reaper but ive managed to record my guitar parts.

Only thing is the plug ins sound terrible.

I downloaded a free amp sim that i got from a link on youtube, but i cant get it onto the reaper vst links to actually ad onto the tracks.

Ive been into options preferences then set it to the place where the file is, but when i apply i still get nothing. Have i done something wrong?

Does it make a difference that im using a mac at all?

Here is a link to the amp sim i tried to ad, it was the free amp 3


Any help would be really appreciated
There's a sticky dedicated to VSTs in the Recordings forum. Try there, you should find something that works for you.
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thanks for the link, I got some amp sims of that sticky how ever im still having the same problem, i just downloaded another 5 amp sims and nothing.

Ive got all my amps sims in a file called reaper file. Theres about 8 sims in there now. Ive gone into options>preferences>Vst and set my file path to reaper files but when i hit rescan and apply when i got to add the sim to a track i still get nothing?

I Honestly cant see what im missing here?