Hey guys,

I've gotten back into 80s metal, big time. Now I was wondering; I know some basic pentatonics, but my speed is way off... I have no idea where to begin improving. My final goal would be to be able to play somewhat in the style of Yngwie and John Norum--now I know Yngwies speed is amazing, but I'd like to master the technique and be able to play atleast a bit in his style, wiht decent speed.

What are some good songs to start out with? Songs with certain riffs that make up excelent exercises? How did you guys work towards mastering this technique and skill? What is your final goal?

I like this, except for maybe the sweeping bits watch?v=htY2pIp9uVQ

All help, tips and song ideas are appreciated.

edit: Solo's I can play are solo's like that in GnR's Nightrain and bohemian rhapsody.
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Some Trilogy songs probably, maybe Queen is in love, Fire, Liar.

They are still quite a stretch from GnR or Queen. I think it helps if you can transcribe the songs yourself, that way you take the most out of them. You will not master his style the first time you visit him, but you can extract some of his licks, tools and phrasing.

I hope you are familiar with basic practicing methods, developing speed and so on. If not read the stickies.