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I recently got into choral/choir music, especially from the medieval and the renaissance eras. Listening much to composers like Hildegard von Bingen, Léonin, Guillaume Dufay, Thomas Tallis, Josquin Des Prez etc. But also modern choral composers like Eric Whitacre. As usual, when i get into new styles of music, i'd like to study them. So here are a couple of questions, cause i believe there are people here that have studied this aswell.

1. Are there any good books out there on composing choral/choir music? I am majoring in music in school and during our musical theory course we briefly went over some tips on writing for choirs, but my teacher had no good recommendations on books for further studies.

2. Are there any good books out there that focus on writing in the medieval/renaissance eras styles? Like Hildegard or Thomas Tallis etc? Since i spoke to my teacher about this aswell and he told me that during these eras they didn't think much in terms of chords, as choral composers did later on. Basically i am looking for books that describe the way they composed music.

3. Any good books on conducting? I have started learning the basics of conducting in school, but i'd like to take it further and learn quicker than school allows me to. (Since the conducting classes have 15 people that has to be on the same level before we move on, i'd like to improve at a quicker phase)

Any other recommendations would be nice aswell, since i am new to orchestral and choral music as a whole. Coming from more of a Jazz, Fusion and Funk background, but wanting to improve as an all around musician.

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For renaissance style music check out Modal Counterpoint Renaissance Style, it's a pretty good book on the subject. I guarantee there will be someone saying to get Fux, but don't because it sucks. If you write good modal counterpoint, you'll be writing music that's easy to sing and good for a choir because that's basically what modal counterpoint is specifically designed for.

As for conducting, that's trickier. It's pretty much impossible to learn conducting from a book (at least in my opinion), so if possible, see if you can reach out to a conducting teacher at your school and get some private lessons or even just have a sit down and chat about possible ways to learn more about it.
Forsyth's Orchestration

Old,old book.A bit too academic at first.Not necessarily about what you asked but it helped to learn basics conducting in a weird way since it meant wasnt for that at all. It just explained, beautifully how,why and when.
Good read in general.
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