Hey guys!
Which VST-plugins for creating phaser, wahwah and distortion effects can you recommend? I want to use them in a funky song, so the distortion for example shouldn't be too 'metal-sounding'...
As I'm totally new to recording/mixing/mastering it would be great if the plugins would be easy to use, with just a few knobs, levers, etc., if you know what I mean
And of course it would be great if the plugins were for free! Or not too expensive, at least...
Thank you!!
Check out GuitarRig, Sansamp and (Avid) Eleven for the distortion (and other FX). I use GuitarRig for phasers and a lot of other FX. But the wah-wah isn't that great, though I haven't used it that much.

As for these easiness-thing, most VST's are really easy and if not you just have to read the manual or check tutorials or something. About the price, sometimes you just have to 'try before you buy'...