As the title says, my pickups aren't polishing out to what they should have looked like.

I live in Florida and I think the salty air had some effect on my pickups. They look like hell and I've tried a couple different methods I've used for cleaning other metals.

How do you clean your nickel plated pickups?
I don't... it's a guitar, it's gonna get dirty. If you absolutely feel the need to look all sparkly fresh I'd try brasso or rubbing compound, but only a tiny bit on a wet rag. I vote to just let them go unless it's a sound issue.
Wouldn't Brasso just take the nickel plating off?
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Wouldn't Brasso just take the nickel plating off?


When you're all polished up, though, put some carnauba wax on the things if you don't want them tarnished again.