Tossing up between the MI Audio Compressor and the Rothwell Love Squeeze.
I play mainly blues/rock and jazz but i do a bit of ambient type stuff.

Don't know about these two, but I'd say try the Suhr Koji Comp and the Alesis 3632.
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as far as compressors go the best one i've ever used, ever, is the Barber Tone Press. Lots of tweaking compared to other ones
Bit pricey perhaps, but I am a huge fan of my Keeley compressor. It does everything exactly the way I want it, and it is very low noise... I'd actually say noise free, but it will make the existing noise in your signal chain louder of course...since uh...it's a compressor..
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Why not consider the Xotic SP Compressor?
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Wampler Ego Press does everything I could ask for, and more.
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