I would go back to the drawing board on the vocal recordings, sounded like the levels were kind of up and down. Distance from the mic should be a constant. Maybe add some sort of tasteful effect so it doesn't sound so dry...or put it deeper into the mix so the dry vocal isn't so front and center. Watch the pitch as well, especially on the 2nd vocal track.
I dont know if I am listening to a remixed version where you have changed the vocal levels. But on the version I found at your link I like the levels. I think its just about right.

Its an interesting song. Dark in sound. Not so dark in the lyrics though. The guitar workis really nice. Good melodic flow with out an over playing.

I'm listening to Funky Guitar Love to. Again, nice feel. Nice one.
Is the right guitar an acoustic? Sounds a bit like NIN/Depeche mode, dark and omnious, I like it!
You should re-record the vocals though as they sound a bit pitchy at times. The part before the last solo reminds me of "low" by Foo Fighters. So what I think you can improve are having a more consistent tone as it tended to sound a bit flat at times and also try to tighten the rhytm tracks, if you do that it will sound great!

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