Hello guys ! I looking a guitar amp for metal/metalcore music style. I can spent ~420 bucks. I'm thinking about Peavey Bandit 112 80w, Line 6 III spider 75w, maybe roland cube xl 40 ? which is the best of those ? also you can offer other amps for similiar price
crate blue voodoo, peavey tube vyper, used jet city, strething the budget are the new STIFF amps coming in around 500.
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What about those amps ? Peavey Bandit 112 80w, Line 6 III spider 75w, roland cube xl 40 ?
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You can do much better than them..maybe look to getting a peavey 6505+ ? there should be a few decent tube amps to suit your playing at your budget.

TL;DR go used, you'll find much better stuff for your budget.

I was looking , but nothing found in my country ..
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What's your location? assumed you were in USA as you mentioned dollars