I think this is brilliant haha, it reminds me very much of The Minutemen and The Dead Milkmen. Bothering You and Too Much in particular remind me of the latter, they sound gloriously like something off the album Beelzebubba, which is one of my favourite albums of all time. I've bookmarked the page. Definitely gonna listen to the rest of the album when it comes out. Good work and good luck

EDIT: Also, I think By Myself is a good change of pace from the other relentlessly upbeat songs and I like the way your lyrics go well with the style of music you're making. I like the way it's fun and pretention-free.
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I take it this is no final recording, but you should still play as tight as possible. It was hard to get into the groove of the songs.

Why cant you drive: The chugging part after the first chorus is kinda unnecessary as it doesn't add much to the song and is boring. It also is played very sloppily, I even thought that there was supposed to be some change in tempo. The ending could need a little bit of work since right now it just kinda stops. You should have the drums clearly mark the end and prepare the listener for it.

Bothering You: This song I like the most. Ending again is a bit off, I personally wouldnt have used a fadeout here. As a bass player a like the groove, though again it will need more precision here. The harmonized vocals worked very well.

I didnt listen to clink because the sound of the acoustic guitar was too annoying.

Too Much: The tempo changes worked well and the half time feel had my foot tapping. I didnt quite like the chords you use in that "I wont give up" part, if I made out the words corrrectly, this part kinda doesn't fit in. I can see what you're trying to achieve with that part, but it just isnt working in my opinion.

Now this may have seemed pretty harsh but overall I still liked it a lot.
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