Hi All,

I’ve just started playing guitar and would love to learn my favourite songs.

Particularly this track – Little Things Give You Away Tab by Linkin Park ([forbidden link])

Please could someone explain the following annotation?
What do the following mean?

5/8-8/7-7... What does the “/” mean?
x-x-x-x-x... What does the “x” mean?

8-7-5-5~-5~... What does the “~” mean?

7b(8)r7... b? r? Number in brackets???

Excuse me if this info is available elsewhere on the site. Your explanations are really appreciated.

The 5/8 means play the 5 and slide to 8, 8/7 play the 8 slide to 7

x means muted note.

7b(8) means play the 7 and bend to the pitch of 8. Return to 7 after.
The tilde is for finger vibrato.
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Great! Thanks, JackalUK. That all makes perfect sense.

Any clues on the tilde?

Usually 'let ring' or vibrato. I forget. Some tabs have keys at the bottom though.
And the "r" means release, usually after a pre-bend.
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did not expect this to be this helpful

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