Hello Guys,

I'm a total beginner and need your recommendation for my first set of electric guitar, I mostly listen to Pink Floyd, Doors, Led Zeppelin, Robert Cray and Clapton for example. I had a quick glimpse at my local guitar shop and currently comparing between the below sets :

1- Cort X-1 beginner package
2- Squire Stratocaster with Roland Cube 15 Amp
3- ESP LTD M-50 with Roland Cube 15 Amp

If you have other recommendations than the above sets, that would be very helpful.

Thank you for your help

Typically, Strats are more suited to the kind of music you're interested in, but IMO Squiers have poor quality control. From my experience, you'd get more bang for you buck with the LTD. Not sure about the Cort.
LTD. The one without Floyd or any kind of tremolo. Trust me, you dont want cheap beginners guitar with trem, they are crappy quality and will sooner or later stop keeping tune, plus they are a hassle if you ever want to try alternate tunings or change string gauge.

I love Cort, they tend to offer quite a lot of guitar for less money than competition (or used to. nowadays may be different) but I do count that out simply because of the above Floyd reasons.

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I'd say go for the Squier. the latest Squiers are of good quality, and the tone will be closer to what you're looking for.
What's a budget? Will you go used?

Out of the 3 I'd say the M50, but I'd be looking to buy a better used guitar than a cheaper new one.
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You could try to find a used Mexican Strat, but that'd probably be slightly out of your budget.

For $250, you're probably best off with the M50, so you can at least have an amp to practice with. If you can live without an amp, you could always look at a used Ibanez RG or something. They're pretty decent for the money.