ESP have a few very good models. They seem quite inconsistent, as do Schecter, and if you're in the UK you'll pay an extra 20-30% more than the US price generally.

I would recommend saving up a little more. Cheap FRs can be hell.
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LTD is a good brand and as far as cheap guitars go it tends to be the first I check out. But the floyd rose is going to be a problem. It doesnt matter what brand it is, in cheap guitars they use cheap licensed "tin-floyds" that wear out quite fast and start to cause tuning problems later on.

*edit* Oh, you bought one already? Dont worry about it then too much. Its not like the floyd is going to self detonate after few dive bombs. Enjoy the your new guitar. My big brothers MH-100QM NT (hardtail version) was very good and I presume yours will be too, not counting in potential QC problems. But later on when the knife-edges wear out, you may have to block it and essentially convert it into a fixed bridge.

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i got that exact model as my first guitar actually. after playing on my dad's squier for almost two years, it felt amazing to me. i've been playing for seven years now and i still think it's a pretty good guitar if you haven't been playing for too long.

i don't have much tuning problems with mine, even after changing string gauge, truss rod adjustment, string height, etc. divebombs and light flutters are okay, but if i pull really hard it may go out of tune a bit. so don't expect it to work flawlessly, but there's no need to expect it to be crap either.
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I've had 3 LTDs (two I still own) and have had good experience with all of them. The cheaper one I used to have held up well...with exception of the floyd though, it wouldn't stay in tune for anything. Thats just the nature of cheaper floyds unfortunately
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Before you start messing with it, really learn and understand how floyd roses work. Setting up your FR Special correctly from the get go will make sure you get some good years of use out of it.

Read through this: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=614226
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