Right now I use Tortex yellow picks. I have a hard time keeping hold of it sometimes when my hand gets sweaty, and when going towards faster licks.

I see so many options online, right now I play primarily acoustic. Any input?

Picks are not expensive, just go to a music store and buy different picks and see which one do you like.
If you want to get more grip on the pick you can carve some dents in it with a knife or something like that.
Does not matter as much as we make it out to matter.
Anything you find comfortable will do for the time being, stop worrying.
Your issue is probably a technique issue, not a pick problem.

Keep practicing correctly and once you get your technique almost any object will do.
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Does not matter as much as we make it out to matter.
Anything you find comfortable will do for the time being, stop worrying.
Your issue is probably a technique issue, not a pick problem.

Keep practicing correctly and once you get your technique almost any object will do.

I´m with him.....when I learned that I´d been holding the pick wrong and then forced myself to sit down infront of a mirror and have a look at what my hand was doing I loosened up my grip between my thumb and pointy and have yet to fling a pick.....but I do find if I have used my favourites (lucky 13´s-dunlop 1.0) for to long, or put them through the wash, the coating on them disapears and they tend to circulate....so I am a firm believer of fresh picks!!
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For the past 1.5/2 years, I've been using Dunlop nylon picks (just recently switched from 1mm to 0.80mm) as my main pick of choice. To me, they feel a bit more comfortable to grip and easier to play with.

Picks are fairly cheap, so you can head to a local music shop and get quite a few to play with so you'll have a better idea of what you like.
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I recently bought like 15 something odd picks. Everything you could imagine. I ended up settling on one i thought I would like the least. A fender heavy triangle guitar pick that is the size of a tortilla chip. I would buy a bunch and play around til you find one you like.
I use Dunlop Jazz 3 picks. Mostly because a really cool guitarist (ex-gf's dad who played with Prince) told me to. He convinced me to use them for 2 weeks, then make a decision about them. They really don't give at all, so you are forced to play with more focus on technique.

I never went back, mostly because of the added benefit of not getting that sloppy thin-pick hitting the strings sound
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lol picks are VERY important to your tone. It depends on your feel and the sound you want. I dislike the feeling of light picks, but I prefer the bright sound they give, bluegrass players tend to prefer lighter picks, but if you hate that feeling, you're not going to play as good, so it's not worth it.

Not sure, but I thought tortex made gripped picks, just look for those. I've also heard great reviews about star picks, but i never liked the feeling, it's impossible for them to slip, but it doesn't feel like you're holding a pick, so ;-;

Also, I used to use jazz IIIs for awhile, but I really don't like them, they kinda ****ed with my picking style, they're just too small for me.
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Try to find a pick with GRIP. I think it'll avoid dropping or whatever your problem is. I personally use Dunlop Jazz III so i can recommend you Dunlop Max Grip Jazz III or you can try Dava picks.
When I was trying to find a pick to my favorite pick that I lost, they pretty much just opened the packages till I could find the right one I like. As long as you are buying, I don't think they should have a problem. Even so, buy 5 bags of Picks isn't that expensive in first place.
I personally like picks that bend, so I can stoke up and down between stings in the middle, like on A to D, and D to G. It is almost impossible to up stroke with a thick pick in middle of strings.
Go over to guitar moose.com and get yourself a carbon fiber pick. Your tone will be amazing they come in various sizes and you get ones with sticky grips. I swear by their picks.
For electric: Jazz IIIs.
For acoustic: Dunlup Nylon .58mm.
For bass: Jazz IIIs, Dunlop Tortex .60mm or fingers.

The only others I've really liked are the Dava control picks.
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Dunlop 1.5 max grip. Pretty much anything that has a grip to it would help it not to fall out.
The sticky carbon fiber picks look pretty sweet, think I'm gonna give em a try!
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Pretty much anything that has a grip to it would help it not to fall out.


I like the gator grips.
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I had been using Dunlop Ultex .90 but wanted to try something heavier. I like the point of the Ultex - turns out its the same tip as the Jazz III's but a "normal" tortex size. The local Guitar Center didn't have any Ultex 2.0 and the Jazz III's seem too small for me. The tech suggested Dunlop John Petrucci Jazz III signatures (same tip, sized between Jazz III and Ultex, raised logo for grip and a polished tip at 1.5). They seem to be working awesome! Had to get them from Amazon.
I personally use Dunlop Ultex Jazz III picks because they are easy to hold. the "dunlop" and "Jazz III" branding protrudes from the sides of these picks and provides a very good grip. I myself have sweaty hands that used to be a big problem with celulos picks. the ultex itself also is very easy to grip. the fact that these picks last forever is a plus.
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I use any Jazz pick. I consider these picks super accurate and fast. Like a dagger.

I used to primarily play acoustic guitar and would just use my finger for the versatility of complex rhythms.

I also like the jazz picks because they are tiny enough to switch to doing some stuff with my fingers while holding it. Also I find switching to tapping mode easy with the jazz picks.

(I messed around with the flappy white Dunlop picks on acoustic, they are okay once you get the control down to prevent that dumb flap pick noise. But they are just a novelty for me.)
Jazz III, Jazztone, Stubby, Gator, Anything by V-Pick
Those are all very good picks and very good for fast playing. Anything with relativley sharp tip is a good pick. However it's your choice of course, i just said a few samples