I have a 1995 strat and would like to know the profile of the neck. I am also curious regarding the fact that it is one of the earlier mim's.

I have gone through over a dozen strats and i remember very little about them (likely because i have played so many) I flipped them all, but i am at a keeper, and i know i you are sick of hearing it, but it was given to my by an old friend who didn't want it modified or sold. he moved to South Africa where his family is.

I am looking for another strat. I posted a week or so ago that i may just not a strat guy, but bringing it with me on a two week vacation kind of liking more.

I will be going used, and likely i will buy local.

I have really liked the neck and its growing on me. I would like to find something similar. I will run down to gc in the next few days maybe week to play some. Will be MIA used and hopefully under $600.

Sorry for the long winded post.

FYI serial number on mine is mn5161647. I have done a searching, but i haven't had computer access.

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ugh...it really can vary. unless you pulled a serial number and looked it up i dont think theres a way to be 100% accurate.

however, i feel like most fenders i pick up have what i would describe as a "C" shaped neck. whereas i would describe many ibanez guitars as a much flatter "D" shaped neck.

i generally get an assumption from how thick/thin it is and how wide the taper is in terms of width, almost feeling like the fretboard is wider. sometimes i pick up a really think necked ibanez and feel like the neck is really WIDE, but really, its that my hand feels more of the edges, and its thin so i feel less in the palm of my hand.

i feel like many fender C shaped necks feel better to "wrap your hand around" so to speak. more meat in the back and a little less on the edges, hence C and not D shaped.

does that help?
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