So I've been recently put in charge of leading worship at my church and I'm "leading" on acoustic guitar. The problem is that I just can't seem to drive the song or start it off. We've had to rely on the pianist to start the set off for the past few weeks. Anybody have any tips to remedy this? Really just trying to figure out how start off songs I guess. I switched from electric rhythm guitar in a band a while back so might be part of it ha.

Also sorry in advance if this is in the wrong section. Kinda covered a couple different options ha.
Well it really depends what you want to do when starting a song, do you have any ideas in your head of what leading a song off on a guitar should sound like?

If not, what effect do you want to create? The absolute best place to start is with a sound in your mind, once you have that figuring out how to play it is generally the easy part.
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I play on the worship team at my church (electric mostly). We also have an acoustic player and a keyboard player. Who starts the song or drives it is mostly decided by the song itself and what mood you're trying to create. We've taken traditionally slow songs and rocked them out to get the congregation fired up ( you can do that with an acoustic too, by the way) and slowed down faster songs for a more somber feel. Like Zaphod said, it's all about the effect you're going for.
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Always about as many choices for leading off a song as there are people in the band. Bandleaders, even those who play a featured solo instrument (Benny Goodman, etc.) have traditionally NOT been playing when the band launched into a song, but have often counted down to the launch. One more thing to remember. Not everyone has to play all the time. Always give your arrangements a lot of "air." A big mishmosh of sound showcases no one and is boring.
Thanks for the replies guys. Honestly the feel we've been wanting to shoot for is kind of a quiet build up, getting loud, and fade back for the sermon. Best example I could think of would be "Burning in my Soul" from Passion 2013. Most of the songs that we do that have their own distinctive intro,"Forever Reign" for instance, I have no problem with but some like older hymns or more ambient starting ones like "At Your Name" by Phil Wickham.