So I have a question that will probably have a couple people laugh at me for, but hopefully I can get some advice.

I understand how to read tabs and stuff here on Ultimate Guitar, but the chords, I don't get their function. Like I'll look the chords of one song, and play it, but it just doesn't sound the same, or when I compare tabs to them, they're different all around. Can anyone give me an explanation on this? I'd really really appreciate it.
An example would be helpful. Are you sure the songs you've been looking at haven't been capoed?
First thing you should always do is check the tuning of the strings for the tab or if it is capoed at any fret on the neck. Check your own guitar tuning, and if your chords still don't sound like the chords to the song, then the tab could be in another key, so try and play it out if that's what you suspect, it could still have the correct chord progressions, then its just a matter of transposing to the desired key. Or your playing the wrong chord position, eg. there are many ways to play the c chord up and down the fretboard. And that's all i can think of...hope it helps.
The tab is probably using the chord as the key for the shape of the lick or phrase, there is like 12 ways to play 1 chord, times about 20 when you use a barre or capo and change keys. generally the chords should be somewhat familiar sounding to the song, but alas these tabs are user created so there is some brilliant ones and some less then brilliant. try and find the Key and Tuning of the song, usually written at the start.
So a song I'm trying to learn is "Escape the City"
and it seems to fit in better here.

they fit really well and I seem to understand it easier. But in a song like "Everybody Talks" by Neon Trees confuses me. Here are the tabs and chords

Quote by rockyoursocks69

These two aren't in the same key. The chord one is in D and the tab is in Eb
the chord one specifies to use a capo on the first fret, which would fix the key discrepancy (both then in Eb)
is this your confusion?
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Ohhhh seems like that makes a bit more sense. I guess I should of looked at each thing a bit more haha.