Hi guys,

I've recently decided to get rid of some of my equipment. I have a Marshall JCM 800 Lead Series combo amp (4212 50W). It has 2 Celestion speakers, and as far as I am aware was last serviced 3 years ago, and has had just light use since then.

There are no rips in the material, and just light cosmetic damage otherwise. Some of the pots need a bit of touching up, and the jack could use with tightening, but otherwise it is in fine condition. I also have the original footswitch.

To the best of my knowledge, it is of late 80's manufacture. How much would this kind of amp sell for roughly?

Thanks in advance!
Looks like around $700.

Probably get like $650 on Craigslist, $700-800 on eBay.

One apparently sold for $1130 recently. No idea what is up with that outlier. Even $700 is more than I'd pay for one.
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