My band's new practice space is a small, rectangular room with flat, stone walls. Sound bounces around in there like crazy, and as a result, everything sounds like a mess in there, whereas the same equipment sounded clear when in a larger practice space. What could we do to make the room a little less noisy? Would putting up some sheets or foam on the wall help significantly? Does anyone have better, affordable suggestions?
Just get a couple of humidifiers, and they'll make everything damp. That, or break some water pipes.
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Just get a couple of humidifiers, and they'll make everything damp. That, or break some water pipes.
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Hanging curtains and/or blankets on the walls does help immensely, the softer the better.

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Bookshelves with books, thick carpeting on floor and walls, baffles / panels (Aurelex, etc), or create your own fiberglass panels.

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