I have played guitar for about 4 years and I really enjoy it. I look lessons for about a month and i was in two guitar classes at school. I'm really stupid. When i got my Yamaha acoustic for Christmas I bought Elixirs and put them on backwards which is what I blame for my guitar warping and now sounding like total shit. So that led me down a long depressing path of not playing guitar for a long while. Now I want to relearn and become even better.
I need some tips... I need some songs to learn, exercises to try... anything that will help me improve. I often attempt to learn songs but i feel like im not getting any better....
You could do what I do and spend your days on YouTube looking up guitar lessons and finger exercises. There is a TON of stuff there. There is also rocksmith. It's an amusing game for when you get bored of the usual stuff.

The thing about learning a song is that it's copying and not learning. You can learn to play all your favorite songs and still know nothing about the instrument.
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Practice, but don't practice for practice's sake. Practice chords, learn scales, hammer-ons and pull-offs, etc.

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If you want to move ahead with your musicianship, then you'll have to keep pushing out in new directions. Rather than trying to make perfection out of one song, you should aim to do good at several songs in the same amount of time. Covering new ground and making new mistakes is the only way to improve and not remain stagnant.

Don't get too lost in music theory, either. The first musicians had no one to teach them and you don't need much help either. A record player is great for playing music mechanically, so creativity is what will separate man from machine.

If you can improvise like a champ to one song, you can improvise like a champ to pretty much anything that stays in key. The shapes the notes create on the fret board remain the same, they just move up and down the neck depending on key. Just like how you change key with a capo: simply play the same chord shapes relative to the capo and you can sing the same song in whatever key you'd like.

Try to seek out as much failure as you can for yourself if you would like to succeed.
Thanks for the help guys! I have been working all day but I'm gunna start looking up videos and start practicing every day for at least an hour... Hope I get better.