Ok guys, I have a Dean VX, which I love, its feels good, but I don't like the stock pickups. I'm looking for something with warmer tone qualities. So what would you all recommend? warmer tone, and I also use some effects so I need a more modern sound, rather than the old vintage style pickups. should I get the Alnico II's?
Alnico II pickups are an old vintage sound!
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Get a matched set of Duncan Distortion humbuckers. They should go perfectly with your Dean.
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Duncan distortions: well rounded set for a modern sound, does it all.

Duncan custom: like the distortion but a bit more tame, isn't as aggressive as the distortion but will be better at tackling cleans, and "vintage stuff"

Duncan JB: Well rounded pickup in general, Jack of all trades but master of none. Will do everything but wont beat a distortion when it comes to modern high gain or an alnico ii at clean.

Duncan Invader: Higher output than a distortion but comes off as muddy. At this point you might want to look at actives if you want to retain tonal integrity.

If you're a dimarzio guy:

Dimarzio crunch lab: just like the duncan distortion but more focus on the mids to my ears.

Dimarzio Super Distortion: just like the duncan custom with a little less output and more emphasis on highs.

Dimarzio Tone zone: A really dark JB

Dimarzio D activator: Output like a duncan invader, less mud but a bit sterile to my ear

Go nuts, watch videos, read reviews, consider everything before putting down cash - you may just need an eq in front of your amp, an od in front of your amp, or even a new amp.

That said ... what amp are you using?
You might want to look at Gibson pickups. I have a set in an Epiphone and they really sound brilliant for everything. I have no idea what they are, though.
The Railhammer HyperVintage has a nice, classic sound: http://www.stewmac.com/Shopping?actn=search&keyword=Railhammer

(The Chisel and Anvil are also good, but higher output.)

You might also check out Tesla's VR-60 Classic, VR-Extreme or OPUS-4:
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