Trying to learn my first real song and they say Country Roads by Denver is a good one to start with. Got the chords down, got the strum down, as soon as I open my mouth to sing my strum goes to shit. It is like since the words do not follow every stroke of the hand I have a problem keeping both going at the same time. Tell me this is a common problem for beginners that will meld together with enough practice. Better yet, tell me if there is a way I can fix this. After 1 1/2 hours of strum butchering the Tak-G is back in the case till I cool down.
You could take a break by practicing rubbing your stomach while patting your head.

Or, you could just accept the fact that you really don't, "have it down" yet, and persevere.

Can you sing the song on key by itself? You could just strum the first chord of each measure while you sing. Or try strumming in a simple 4/4 strum on every beat, and worry about the exact strumming pattern later.

Playing guitar and singing at the same time, isn't anywhere near as easy as people who've done it all their lives manage to make it look.
I'm still working on that one myself. after a few months, i'm finally getting it down.
i started with what cranky suggested, strum it chord by chord one strum for each chord. i'm a work in progress with it but getting better( if only my singing voice would come along with it, i'm still better at doing Chris Cornell kinda stuff but i'll get more range with time)
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
Sigh........thank you......I will continue to butcher until I carve the perfect T-bone.
Well, we carved a flank steak tonight, the words are starting to line up,you were right, more practice, the wife will hear John Denver in her sleep.
if she starts complaining, just remind her that your not a wierd Al or Marilyn Manson fan.
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
Singing while playing at the same time is a lot harder than people think, it takes a lot of practice just to do the easiest of things. Just practice.