Recently picked up a blues jr and it is doing its job wonderfully, but I am really jonesing for some higher gain sounds. I will soon be picking up an Agile 3xxx, replacing the stock pups, and want to adequately reproduce 1980's and early 90's Metallica, Megadeth, Motley Crue, etc. So, recommend me a higher gain amp that could hit that mark for me. FWIW, I live in the southern US. I would specifically like a tube combo amp, around $400 to $500. Good amps are hard to come by used in my area. Local dealers only carry Fender, Orange, Line 6, Marshall, thats about it. I would most likely have to buy sight unseen from Musicians Friend, like I did my Blues jr.

Any ideas?
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You MIGHT be able to get away with a used Marshall DSL401. They have a totally different thing going on than the heads (unlike the newer 40C), but if you boost them you might be able to sit tight in the territory you want to be in.

Ditto for boosting a Peavey Classic 30.

A Peavey Ultra or XXX would be good choices, just stick to the second channels.

Jet City would be a pretty excellent choice, the JCA22 is a whole lot of amp for the price. Make sure not to get an older JCA20 model, it severely lacks gain and character compared to the newer 22s. The 50Ws are a safe bet too.
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peavey ultra/xxx/jsx are pretty good for the money. you could score one of them in a combo if you were to pick one up from guitar center's used site.
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