So I'm a fairly novice guitar player, and right now my only electric is a Fender Tele Deluxe 72' Reissue.

I'm not entirely sure of the exact specs vs a regular Tele, but I know it's got stock Fender humbuckers and LP-esque electronics. Apparently the pups have alnico magnets, but I have no idea what that means.

There's not anything wrong with the current pups per se, but I've heard stock Fender pups aren't the greatest and I'm interested in upgrading a bit.

I do play a lot of metal, but I'm probably going to get a second guitar for that, so I want this one to stay versatile. So what I'm looking for is something that can get good tones for hard rock, but without sacrificing cleans so it can handle jazz, blues, and the like.

Any suggestions?
Fender pickups won't be the best, but they probably can deliver the sound you want. One of the online reviews of this guitar had this to say:

However, there is one thing you should be aware of before buying this guitar. You might have to swap out the pots, as others have mentioned here. Most humbucker equipped guitars come with 500 kOhm tone & volume pots, but for some inexplicable reason Fender equips these guitars with 250 kOhm pots (or at least they did when I bought mine a year and a half ago - for reference, the original Tele Deluxe from the 70s had 1 Mega Ohm pots). This gives the guitar a darker, and I would say muddier tone. If you're into jazz or blues or really heavy, dark stuff this may work for you. But if you need a brighter tone that cuts through (as many people buying teles are looking for) you'll need to swap out all the pots for the 500k's (or at least the bridge circuit pots). This is no simple task on this guitar, as the wire routing inside is tight and getting the wires back in and the pickguard back on successfully without breaking a wire or solder joint is extremely difficult. If you're serious about buying this guitar and you want a bright, clear tone, budget in the time and/or money for this modification just in case you're not happy with the out-of-the box tone.

So if you're looking for jazz, blues and similar tones, upgrading the pots may be in order moreso than pickups. That said, if you still want to change pickups, there are a lot out there.

Some brands & pickups I like:

Seymour Duncan '59
Railhammer, esp. the HyperVintage
Tesla, esp. the OPUS-4
The Creamery
Vintage Vibe, esp. the H540-42 SW and HCC
Rio Grande
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I guess I could change the pots, but I might just leave it, as muddy, dark tones do sound alright for blues, and I'm not really a jazz player, just one who wants to get into jazz.

But thanks for the list, I'll check some of those out.