What are your guys' opinions? This will be my first actual guitar though I've been borrowing one from my friend for the last year. (And playing the crap out of it too.)
I love love LOVE mustangs but I'm quite skeptical since it's Made in China and it's made out of pine. Of all things. :/
Overall, it's either this or the standard tele.
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I had a Modern Player briefly and traded it. I've also played a Modern Player telecaster with p90s because I thought it looked cool as hell. My Modern Player Jag was a lot of fun. It had a great little neck pickup, but unfortunately the Modern Players I've played have all felt a little cheap. I don't know how to describe it, but usually the strings seem to buzz a bit or the tuners aren't that great, and overall they definitely feel like cheap guitars.

I don't think I could make myself lay out good money for another Modern Player. I'd probably go for a G&L, Fender MIM, Fender MIJ, something like that.

For a first guitar, you could certainly do worse. But unless you get a smoking hot deal on one (I paid $230, so something in that ballpark), I think you can get more guitar for less money by looking at lesser-known brands or Fender MIM.

Modern Player guitars do look amazing, though. So if you play a MP Mustang and fall in love with it, get it! It's probably a decent little instrument, even if it is a bit cheap.