Speaking as a fan of both black and doom metal, I like this a lot! Obviously it's not going to appeal to that many people but people who are fans of this style of music should appreciate it. I personally love the way you've succeeded in creating a really oppressive, depressive atmosphere but I hope if you do a whole EP or album you'll go even further and create something truly remarkable...!

I've found you guys on bandcamp and downloaded this, and I promise I'll chuck you a few quid if you release an EP/album! :P
This is pretty awsome.

Im not really a fan of blackmetal some things here and there. But the Doom metal I love in this song has it. There's even a little bit of sludge in there and again I like.

Your vocalist does sound a bit like Integrity singer Dwid hellion.

(whether thats good or bad I don't know)

But overall I would love more material from you guys.
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Great, I can hear influences from pre-funeral doom bands like thergothon.
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