I am looking to make a custom pickguard for my guitar (obviously). I want to give it a busted up metal look. (http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photos-old-copper-texture-image25680083)

Now I've read multiple opinions on using pickguards; some in favour, some are not. Considering that you guys are the experts I thought I ask for your help
The pickguard will not directly be in contact with the pickups, bridge nor the electronics exept for the volume potmeter. The materials I've been thinking of are anodised aluminium, copper and brass. What do you think would be the best material only considdering matters of sound difference, humming etc. (difficulty of shaping the final product are not an issue) ?

TLDR: which material is the best for making a metal pickguard?
Anodized aluminum is covered in aluminum oxide (an excellent insulator) so make sure you scrape your ground point area away down to the shiny metal before securing the ground point.

Non-anodized aluminium will have a tendency to rub off on you, turning your hand black.

Copper will dull and tarnish fairly quickly unless you paint or clear coat it, neither of which will withstand the wear of your pick, etc.

The same goes for brass but unlike copper and aluminum, the proximity of brass to the pickups will lower their inductance; by how much, I can't say. Theoretically the lower inductance of the pickups will give less bass response. Again, I don't know how drastic this effect would be; might not even be noticable. Or it might be but turn out to be a good thing.

Any ferrous metal (magnetic, that is) will increase the inductance of the pickups, giving more bass response or even a bad muddy tone unless it is grounded.
That effect on the copper is done with heat. A torch oxidises the material, annealing it as well as changing the color. Copper sheet can be found at www.riogrande.com. Good luck.
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