Hey guys, I need some help.

I own a cheap Gibson knockoff electric guitar and a Zoom G2 guitar processor. I've owned the G2 since 3-4 years and I LOVE the thing. It sounds beautiful in studio recordings and a most live performances.

So what's the problem, you say? Well, it's now officially two times that the g2 has caused a serious problem for me. Two days back, during soundcheck @ a fairly expensive/hi-tech auditorium, there was an AWFUL amount of latency on my guitar. I'm not sure if latency is the right word (as it's usually a term used during studio recording), but yeah, basically I heard a chord/note I played about a whole second after I played it.

No, there isn't any problem with the auditorium's sound equipment, because this problem doesn't happen with other guitarists who use other processors. And yes, I also tried connecting the guitar directly to their equipment (without the processor) and it worked perfectly. ZERO Latency.

I absolutely love my guitar processor, and I hope that this is a problem that can be corrected. Sadly I didn't find anyone else in the internet having this problem. And I have another performance in two days. Can you guys help?
I would say it's time to replace it. I don't think there's any fixing it.
Just wanted to add, it still works perfectly fine in my home / at the studio... It's just the occasional live performance when this happens..
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its digital after all so it could have something to do with the eletrical setup. I remember when we jammed at a friends jam room and the plug of an amp was leaking. Apart from an occasional pop, the amp had an insane amount of buzz and small delay sound.

EDIT - It was an amp, but if that was affected so much, I think yours might be an easier target for such thing.
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