I'm currently in a band with a lead singer who does little to contribute during the creative process but always comes in and wants to change songs after they have been constructed.

We know and agree that song writing is collaborative but the lead singer's approach doesn't seem to be that at all. He doesn't own his own equipment and I'm starting to get the impression that he loves the idea of being a front man but doesn't want to put the work in. He has so far gone through every song written by the other band members and done a "final pass" on the musical arrangement and lyrics to change them to suit his own desires and if we have issue with it, calls us uncollaborative. He practices on his own to our recordings but

We like our lead singer but are having trouble geting through to him that this is not cool.

How would you approach this person and their attitude towards song writing?
I say threaten to kick him out.

i am in the same boat with my other guitarist. He doesnt take input from anyone but himself, he writes every song and doesnt give us a chance to voice any input, he books gigs without telling us before hand and if we cant make it, tries to replace us with someone else for the show. So i understand ur pain. let me know how it all works out haha
If he's asking you to change things about the songs then surely he is contributing to the creative process? Just because you've written a whole song doesn't mean it's finished.
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