I've been trying to write simple songs for a while now but have never been able to finish them because I keep feeling something has been done too many times before. This is my latest idea, any tips on what I can do to it before I continue?
PS. I know the first piece sounds kinda like Make Total Destroy by Periphery
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It is to be expected that your original songs might sound reminiscent of older songs you're influenced by. Don't worry about that. Younger musicians (including myself a few years back) are always disheartened because they think they've come up with some gem only to realize that it sounds like something they were listening to last week. Hell this still even happens to me. I started writing a song a month ago and thought "wow this sounds great"... of course, it sounded great, because the first two chords were the exact same as John Lennon's Happy Xmas (War is Over). What did I do? I changed the third and fourth chords. I added a pre-chorus, and I added a chorus that was more reminiscent of The Byrds. All in all, don't be discouraged just because some preliminary thing you've written sounds like something else. The opening of Break on Through by The Doors sounds like What'd I Say by Ray Charles (to which Ray Manzarek fully admits lifting).

Only throw something away if it is literally a carbon copy of another song. And by carbon copy I mean, the tempo, the time signature, the chord progression, and even some melodic phrases are identical. Chances are once you get better at it, you will throw more songs away simply for being crappy than thinking "well this sounds too much like X". That is when you know you are getting better.
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