Today my new addition arrived: A 1993 Status Energy 4.

Quick specs:

Wooden neck
Swamp ash body
4 piece rock maple neck
Twin Hyperactive soapbar pups
9v active circuitry.

Picked it up for €300 ($400 or 250gbp) on Marktplaats (dutch equivalent of Craigslist) and got the matching gig-bag and hardcase.

Frankly, it is the nicest bass I've ever played and I personally prefer it to the graphite necked version (that I had played earlier in the week at a music store, they wanted €850 for it.....), just has a slightly better feel to it. Sounds awesome through the Peavey Tour TKO115, has a real Mark King vibe to it.

Sorry for the cellphone photo, haven't had time to take some proper pics yet.

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Not a bass player, but she sure looks nice. Definitely like seeing the wood grain.
You don't see many all-wood Status basses. Nice! HNBD! Enjoy it!
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